The Fearless Women Global ministry

was birthed in September of 2016 by Valora Shaw Cole, out of the pain of allowing fear to silence her voice and paralyze her from walking in purpose for many years of her life. She was determined to conquer her fears and help other women do the same.

Our Vision

We are women of various ages, socio-economic backgrounds and experiences who are determined to be fearless in the face of adversity, so that we may significantly change lives and impact nations globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire women to know what God has called them to do, encourage them to seek God for their purpose and to fulfill destiny, while connecting with other like-minded fearless women all around the world.

Prayers From A-Z That Release Suddenly is an extensive collection of over 120 transformative prayers, meticulously crafted to expeditiously bring breakthroughs in your personal, professional, spiritual, relational, and emotional life. This book holds the key to unlocking God’s supernatural power and blessings.

These prayers will:
• Nurture your soul.
• Manifest your prophetic promises.
• Release sudden blessings and breakthroughs.

Each prayer focus is defined and explained with supporting scriptures and concludes with a powerful prayer that is sure to release your suddenly.

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Tiaras, Tutus, and Tennis Shoes

The Queens’ Royal Luncheon

Hello Beautiful Queen! It’s your time to be recognized and honored. I’m preparing an exquisite luncheon in your honor. in recognition of your resilience, courage, bravery, and elegance while ruling and reigning over your territory without fear.

During this luncheon you will experience a full gourmet buffet, starting with delicious Hors d’oeuvres prepared by top chefs, along with a phenomenal celebration in your honor.

The attire for this occasion is TIARAS, TUTUS, and TENNIS SHOES. I’m excited to see your crown. I know you will wear it well!


2023 Fearless Conference

Fearless Warriors Bounce Back T-Shirt

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2023 Fearless Conference

Shero Planner – Digital Or Print

Fearless Mentorship Program

I have developed a personalized plan for you, that will cause you to succeed. I am committed to walk with you in your journey in exceeding your goals.

Even though you have the knowledge, you will also need a coach to guide you through it with ensure success.

Choose the plan that you need.

– 3-Month Strategic Intensive Goals –

This plan is designed to help you to accomplish short-term projects and goals, for example, ideas and outlines for writing a book, setting up a course, expert advice on starting a business, or other projects you want to complete.

– 12-Month Fearless Mentorship Program Goals –

I am committed to help you set, accomplish, and exceed your goals in 9 areas of your life for total success:

• Project management

• Master, Maximize and Multiply your Niche Marketplace entity.
• Develop strategic plans that dominate the market in your sector of ministry or business.• Begin with the End in Mind
• Mind Your Business
• Find, Redefine, Distinguish Your Voice
• Financial Freedom
• Put your oxygen mask on you first and don’t forget to take care of you. (Self Care)
• The Pursuit of Christ.
• Master your Fitness Journey
• Building Healthy Relationships.
• Build and expand your network for maximum influence and exposure.
• Brand, launch and scale your business $25k, $50k, $75k, and $100,000!!
• Develop and distinguish your speaking voice

I am only accepting 10 people per program that I will be giving my persons time, expertise and resources to.

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The Fearless Voice Box

This bundle includes the paperback version of The Fearless Voice, Fearless Oil, The Fearless Voice CD, and The Fearless Voice Bookmark. Discover, define, and distinguish your voice!

Cole Seasonings

"Smack Your Lips, Not Your Momma!"

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