The Fearless Women Global ministry

was birthed in September of 2016 by Valora Shaw Cole, out of the pain of allowing fear to silence her voice and paralyze her from walking in purpose for many years of her life. She was determined to conquer her fears and help other women do the same.

Our Vision

We are women of various ages, socio-economic backgrounds and experiences who are determined to be fearless in the face of adversity, so that we may significantly change lives and impact nations globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire women to know what God has called them to do, encourage them to seek God for their purpose and to fulfill destiny, while connecting with other like-minded fearless women all around the world.

Fearless 2023 Gathering

Year of the Unlimited

This is your year of the UNLIMITED. Fearless women will gather with unlimited voices to walk in Unlimited Favor, Wisdom, and Wealth.

The Fearless Women Global Organization will host a gathering on January 21, 2023, for all women to experience God’s presence through praise, worship, and fellowship. This will be a time of refreshing, motivation, and activation for you to successfully walk into your year of the unlimited.

Stronger, Bolder, Wiser T-Shirt

You’ve endured the worst time in history, you’ve triumphed over adversity, plus you’ve withstood and overcome 100% of your worst days. What was sent to break you, BUILT YOU! Now, You’re STRONGER, BOLDER, and WISER. What you’ve learned in this process will now be used to revolutionize the world!

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Now is the time for you to take your seat of authority! The earth is waiting on you to be who you were chosen to be. Get ready to rule as a King and Queen with Palace Power.

Since the beginning of time, it was God’s intent that we rule, reign and have dominion in the earth. We’ve been given the example of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, our Champion. He’s given us power and authority over all other powers. Kings and Queens are not born with the skill and understanding that is needed for success, they are made through tests, trials, failures, and adversity. They are taken through a process which is necessary to ensure they are prepared to fulfill their destiny. This book provides essential keys which give you the access you will need to stand in your God-given authority. You will have the knowledge and power to solve problems in the earth, free captives from the power of darkness and advance the kingdom of God.

• In this book La Jun & Valora share with you:
• The Process of the Making of a King & Queen
• The Mindset of a King & Queen
• The Prayer life of a King & Queen
• The Wisdom of a King & Queen
• The Favor of a King & Queen
• The Vision, Creativity and Strategy of a King & Queen
• Royal Decrees and Declarations

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Fearless Mentorship Program

I have developed a personalized plan for you, that will cause you to succeed. I am committed to walk with you in your journey in exceeding your goals.

Even though you have the knowledge, you will also need a coach to guide you through it with ensure success.

Choose the plan that you that you need.

I am only accepting 10 people per program that I will be giving my persons time, expertise and resources to.

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The Fearless Voice Box

This bundle includes the paperback version of The Fearless Voice, Fearless Oil, The Fearless Voice CD, and The Fearless Voice Bookmark. Discover, define, and distinguish your voice!

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